Moving team coordinator

Stacy Drake

Expectations of you as the person being moved:

  1. Complete this request for as early as possible before your move (ideally 1 month notice). Be as accurate as possible in the completing of this form. This is very important for our team to understand how much manpower and how much time to block out your move.

  2. Be ready when the moving team arrives. Everything needs to be packed and ready to go, and you need to have a clear understanding about what needs to be moved, what needs to be left behind, what is fragile, etc.

  3. Be prepared to discuss with the leader of the moving team whether you will have to pay to rent a moving truck. Our team tries to utilize a volunteers box truck, but in some situations it is necessary for the homeowner to pay to rent a moving truck.

  4. Have bottles of water ready for the moving team. It is a blessing to these guys if you can have some cold bottles of water ready. Feel free to have some snacks (granola bars, etc.) ready if you want, but it is not as important to provide snacks; that is just a bonus.

  5. Be available to help with a move in the future . If you are physically able, we encourage you to consider serving on the moving team at least once.

Please note: This info sheet is a request for the moving team, not a guarantee that the moving team can meet all of your needs. You may need to be flexible in regard to moving day, moving time, and whether you will to pay to rent a moving truck. The primary responsibility of the moving team is to provide volunteer manpower to best serve you.

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Name of person(s) being moved
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Requested Date for your move
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