We highly value children and our Sunday morning environments are never described as child care. They are much more strategic than that. From ages birth through 5th grade we have designed experiences that kids will love, because we truly want Sunday morning to be the best hour of a child’s week. From large group worship & teaching, to small group interaction & relationship building, children at Vision Church learn about Jesus in a way that engages them, inspires them, and most of all teaches them about how much God loves them.  Full programming  for preschool and elementary kids are available during our 9:30 & 11:15 Sunday morning services.

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Camp 1st Sight

What if your child lived every day knowing that God made them and loved them? Camp 1st Sight is our first chance to make a lasting impression on your preschooler and let them know about a God that loves them.

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All preschoolers are introduced to three Biblical basic truths. Two through five year olds enjoy large group time that offers music with fun motions. Weekly Bible stories center around a monthly theme. Each Sunday is designed with memorable lessons and incorporates small group activities that reinforce the day's bottom line.

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Camp TrailBlazer

Children should be seen and heard... especially in church. Our team creates an environment that kids love, so that Sunday mornings are the best hour of your child's week. Each month we focus on a different Biblical virtue. Each week the high energy songs, interactive teaching and games all connect with a bottom line.


Go ahead and ask them what they've learned today--they'll remember. After large group time, they meet with their small group and continue with activities and conversations that reinforce the bottom line for the day. It is a great time for your child to build relationships with their leader and each other. They share what is going on in their life and pray for each other.


Why are we orange?

The VizKidz Ministry partners with your family to help you influence and lead your children as they "grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52).


We embrace this partnership, "Orange", in which the church represents yellow (light of the world) and your home represents red (love from family). Combining the two influences together creates orange-- which is a powerful partnership for raising children God's way.  We want kids to grow up knowing that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their life.


Is my child ready for baptism?

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We want to make sure that your child understands what it means to accept Christ into their life.  Therefore, we offer a 15 minute Baptism class before each baptism to help them and the parents to decide if the time is right for them to be baptized.  Have frequent conversations at home at God, the Bible and going to Heaven.  Our team is here to help you walk through that process if you need help.

How Can I help my child understand God, heaven and the Bible?


Have conversations with your child at the dinner table, in the car or while walking in the park.  Pick the best time of the day to read a devotion, a Bible verse or watch one of our video resources with them.  Preschool has creative ideas that they hand out to parents to keep their child engaged during the week.  Elementary uses to watch videos about Bible stories and the month's app.  Whichever you pick, make that time spent together a priority---their life depends on it.

How Can I Get Involved?


Both Preschool and Elementary are looking for volunteers that can help with registration, story telling, small groups, music and tech/support.