About Us

Our Mission

To lead people to Jesus Christ and help them live out God’s vision for their life.

Everything we do keeps in mind the strategy to help people GROW (to become more like Jesus), FLOW (in the power of the Holy Spirit) and GO (make disciples of Jesus).

For all the details listed below, we do them with intentionality and excellence, under the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Vision 7

Why attend Vision Church?

1. Community
  • Everyone is accepted when they walk through the doors of Vision Church, no matter what they look like, what baggage they have, what they believe, or what spiritual experience they do or don’t have. 
  • In authentic Christian community, our desire is to love people as God loves them and to provide a place where every person can safely and lovingly encounter God.
  • We offer large-group community during our worship experiences, and small-group community in small groups and also in serving opportunities.
2. Next Gen ministry
  • This includes preschool, elementary and teenagers. In these age groups, every person is safe, is loved, and learns in creative and intentional ways about a relationship with Jesus.  From the youngest age, they are encouraged to also live out the strategy of Grow/Flow/Go.
3. Worship
  • Music is the most visible way on Sundays that we worship Jesus. Our worship team leads and participates in music that is energetic and encouraging, and also heartfelt and directed by the Holy Spirit. They also incorporate other creative elements to enhance our opportunity to worship and connect with God.
  • We also worship God through our giving. Our strategy for giving is that our church as a whole and every person that calls Vision home (1) tithes, (2) gives offerings as the Holy Spirit leads, and (3) lives a lifestyle of generosity.
4. Teaching
  • Our teaching team communicates the truths found in the Bible in a creative, relevant and challenging way. This teaching is to help people grow and to serve as a catalyst to inspire personal Bible study time throughout the week.
  • In addition to our worship experiences, we also offer teaching for the purpose of spiritual growth on our website and social media, and in small group settings.
5. Receive ministry
  • Our church is here to minister to any person as needed on their spiritual journey. They can be ministered to through our Care Team, our staff and leaders, and through anyone else that calls Vision Church home. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this can include prayer, healing, deliverance or other external resources we utilize for counseling and/or coaching.
6. Minister to others
  • For each person that calls Vision Church home, they will have the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister through them, as a part of this church body, to bless other people. This can include the items listed in #5, and they are also invited to serve on and off our campus, through Vision ministries and also our outreach teams.
7. Grow in your walk with God
  • By actively participating in the life of Vision Church, the collection of relationships, opportunities and resources available gives every person an excellent opportunity to walk more closely with Jesus and live out God’s vision for their life. 

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