Accept Jesus into your heart.

Meet Jesus.

We believe that Jesus is still changing lives! If you would like more info about how to know Jesus personally as your Savior, please contact our team or stop by the Care Room any Sunday. Or you can call our church office at 980-285-7500 and a team member will get back with you quickly.

Another option is for you--right here, right now--to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. As Pastor Matt often describes, it is as easy as you praying a sincere prayer from your heart, in your words. Here is a guideline that he normally gives:

A--Admit that you are a sinner. Talk with God in your prayer and freely tell Him that you are not perfect, that you have made mistakes, that you are flawed.

B--Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He lived on this planet for about 33 years, that He died on the cross and that He rose from the grave. It is the belief that He is the only way to heaven that is such a key point of the Christian faith. Trusting in Him as your Savior allows you to accept the free gift of salvation that He offers.

C--Choose to live for Jesus. Praying this prayer today is not the endpoint--it is the beginning! You might not have it all figured out yet, you probably have a bunch to learn, and honestly, you probably have some things in your life that you want to change for the better. But the decision to choose to live for Jesus is very exciting and scary at the same time. You will never be the same, you are being made new...and you have a great future in front of you.

If you did pray this prayer, please contact our team and let us know so we can walk with you, encourage you, and help you take next steps on your spiritual journey.

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How to accept Jesus into your heart