Meet Our Leaders

Lead Pastor Matt Vanderbilt

Originally from Michigan, Matt Vanderbilt has lived in North Carolina for over 25 years now. Matt loves investing in people and helping them find their purpose in life and live it out with passion. He teaches in a very conversational style, taking truths from the Bible and presenting them in a creative way that is relevant and designed for people to apply to real life.

Meet Our Leaders

Tommy Tran

Worship Team Leader

Mike Baker

Audio Engineer

Chris Davios

Broadcast Director

Brian Rankin

Production Leader

Tina Walker

Preschool Ministry Leader

Elana Vanderbilt

Elementary Ministry Leader, Admin Assistant

Tommy, John, Elana

Middle & High School Ministry Leaders

Emmaus Vanderbilt

Tech Leader, Young Adult Ministry Leader

Angie High

Care Team Ministry Leader

Hannah Vanderbilt

Host Team Ministry Leader, Social Media Director

Melissa Kepley

Volunteer Coordinator

Brandy Spillers

Gastonia Street Ministry Leader

Michael + Tina Walker

Terrace Ridge Ministry Leaders

Carye Siri

Finance Team Leader

Austin Kepley

Production Assistant

Alex Kepley

Tech Intern

Our Teaching Team

Pastor Matt Vanderbilt

Lead Pastor

Xavier Baez

Teaching Team Member

Chris Davios

Teaching Team Member

Emmaus Vanderbilt

Teaching Team Member